Classic Sandbanks

It seems like an age since my last decent session. Turns out it's been a month off the water and almost ten weeks since the amazing swell that hit Bournemouth in late Jan. Spring had to come eventually and it might now be here... There wasn't a lot of wind at BDC but Sandbanks was full on 4.7 weather - it must be something to do with the local landscape, maybe the Purbecks accelerate the wind in some directions...?
Anyway, I was worried I'd sail like a donkey with so long off the water. Luckily, I need not have worried. It may have been wet and miserable with rain driving sideways but this was classic Sandbanks - great jumping on the way out and good riding on the way back in. As the session progressed, the wind shifted more side shore and I had an amazing hour in front of the lifeguard hut. Every run in, I lined up a swell line and made the most of it. Three turns may not be the most in places like Gwithian but I'll take it every time!
Eventually, the tide dropped, the conditions flattened off and it was home time. It doesn't matter how long you've been off the water for, one session like that leaves you stoked.