Flooded Purbecks

There's a waterfall a Kimmeridge. Normally it's just a trickle, but today it was a raging torrent. Just getting there was an experience, at least three or four times I had to slow down to crawling speed to traverse a flooded road. There's no doubt about it, I arrived at KBay too early. Although the wind had swung from North Easterly to South Easterly in Bournemouth it was still straight offshore in Kimmeridge. There was nothing to do but sit in the van avoiding the torrential rain and wait it out.

Eventually, the wind turned and the rain relented. It was kind of windy so I headed out. Of course, there hadn't been any time for a wind swell to form so it more just about mirror flat. And gusty. Very gusty. In the end, I gave up pretty quickly as it was too frustrating after the recent incredible conditions. Of course, I got back to Bournemouth with the wind building and building all evening. Am sure KBay will be great on Monday morning, but I've got work to do.