KBay Shocker

Spring in the Purbecks

After Saturday, hopes were high for Sunday. While I contemplated whether to stay local or drive over to Kimmeridge, Timo gave the KBay shout. In contrast to Saturday, there were at least half a dozen windsurfers hanging around including the Southbourne gang.

We were all to be disappointed. A super low tide lasting most of the afternoon put paid to any waves and the wind stayed a bang onshore south-westerly hovering around a frustrating 10-15 knots. In other words, not enough to get planing. The odd squall came through to get us moving at which times the temperature dropped considerably. I even put my gloves on... In April!

Most of the afternoon was spent bobbing across the bay gybing, tacking and heli-tacking. They say time on the water is the best way to improve so all water time is good but this was not what we'd bargained for. Still, on the plus side I made three consecutive port-tack heli-tacks and hardly dropped a light-wind starboard tack gybe. Now I just need to remind myself how to light wind gybe on port and learn to heli-tack on starboard... It's never ending!

  • Image Copyright Gary Lawton and Ashvika Lawton