Overpowered joy

I wasn't going to sail today. Yesterday was so good and I was feeling quite tired. Then, as I was driving home I saw the trees swaying and thought I should just have a look. So I popped down to BDC. The sun was shining, the white caps glistening and a small wave pushing through. The tide was on the drop and I knew it would only get better. The adrenalin kicked in and there was nothing for it but to get out there. Pic from Andrew Christopher Photography

I rigged a 5.2 which was perfect when I launched, but then instead of the wind dropping as the evening progressed, it seemed to get stronger and strong. By the end I was crazily overpowered and should have been on a 4.2. The further out back I sailed, went the stronger the wind. Gybing was nigh on impossible. By the beach the waves were breaking waist high between the groynes. BDC is really working at the moment. I left super stoked!