Round One

After a bumper Festive period, the recent cold spell has meant a lack of windsurfing... The forecast looks promising for a change and it kicked off today with clear blue skies and a strong, but gusty, Westerly. I was in two minds whether to head over to KBay or try somewhere else. As it was I stuck with KBay (although I did have a look at Boscombe and Southbourne later in the afternoon!)

The wind took it's time arriving and my first launch wasn't the most successful. After a couple of runs, I ended up in a lull and had to swim in to the beach at the main car park! After derigging and walking back to the usual launch spot, I had another, more successful, session.

Classic KBay onshore wave riding and jumping. Still gusty, but the more the tide dropped, the more the wind filled in. Great, except as the tide drops the Bay gets flatter and flatter. I found a few good jump ramps for some airtime, but badly mistimed one ramp. The wave broke, just as I prepared to launch sending me airborne but in an uncontrolled fashion. My feet came out of the straps ok, but I couldn't get away from the sail, came down on top of it and my shoulder pushed right through the seem between two panels. The damage wasn't bad enough to stop sailing and now it's taped up for the week ahead but I'll have to get it repaired at some point.

A few photos below from the end of the session when I'd recovered the feeling in my fingers enough to press the shutter!

  • Image Copyright Gary Lawton and Ashvika Lawton
  • Image Copyright Gary Lawton and Ashvika Lawton