This week doesn't feel like June, not that I'm complaining mind. Perfectly timed for my week off, a major weather system is starting to work it's way across the South Coast. I arrived at Sandbanks mid afternoon just after the torrential rain had stopped and the sun was starting to come out.

It didn't look that windy and people were rigging 5.2s in the car park. The forecast was for the wind to pick up as the day went on so I rigged small (more on that later) and put up a 4.7.

A decent wave was pushing through and there was some excellent jumping and riding to be had for an hour or two. I attempted my first three backies. Pull a huge vertical jump, look over the front shoulder and keep the sail in close. I certainly turned my head, and got a fantastic view of the sky and land behind me, but only succeeded in flying higher and not around. On all three, I unwound the loop attempt and landed a normal jump. Maybe I need to just hold that position for much longer...

After a couple of hours, the wind started to go ballistic. I downhauled the life out of my 4.7 but it wasn't enough. I just had to come in and change down. I put up the 4.2 but by the time I got back to the beach I could see the wind had already picked up again. I should have put up the 3.7 instead! Anyway, one run told me enough was enough. The water had gone flat and it was just survival sailing. I quickly packed up and headed for home.

On the way past, I couldn't resist having a quick look at Branksome Dene. It looked amazing! Huge waves rolling in and Timo pulling some massive back-loops. I stayed and watched for a while, but didn't have the energy to head out again.